Prioritizing Debt

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What is debt?  Debt can come in many forms: sort of good, bad, and evil.  If you ask Dave Ramsey, all debt is DUMB and cash is king! That sounds a little harsh, but is mostly true.  Sometimes debt is unavoidable and is your only option in a tight situation.  Debt can also seem like a good deal if the … Read More

Our Special Joy

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I recently had the privilege to attend a Beth Moore conference.   It was a fantastic day of prayer, music and diving into the Word. One point that was made that remains a constant reminder to me is, “no mystery fascinates the unbeliever more than the believer’s joy.”  When we come to Christ and the Holy Spirit enters us, the unbelievers … Read More

Avoid Wealth Management Scams

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With shows like American Greed and the occasional story of a Ponzi scheme discovered there is no wonder the American public is worried that they are involved in some sort of scam when it comes to investing.  Although there are regulations in place there still seems to be a way for fraudsters to make their way into your household. A … Read More

Read the Manual

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When it comes to my career, over the past several years the Lord has lead me to many start up positions.  I would go in and tackle what needs to be done, start procedures for each task and eventually write the procedures manual that goes along with it.  This way when the Lord called me to another profession, my replacement … Read More

Creating a Budget for Retirement

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It only makes sense – but for some reason many retirees live without one. The importance of keeping a budget: You won’t be able to withdraw an unlimited amount of money in retirement.  Some retirees go without a written budget only to regret it later. What comes to mind when you think of the word BUDGET.  Does it remind you … Read More

No Words

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We were at our church’s women’s retreat in our small group diving into scripture when simultaneously we all noticed one of the ladies with her head down and tears streaming down her face.  The circle became silent as the group leader asked her what was wrong.  The passage reminded our friend of her late sister. “I had accepted Christ 10 … Read More

The Sixth Annual MFB Client Event

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On a beautiful Saturday morning in early November with crystal clear blue skies and the fall foliage at its peak, 77 friends, family and staff from MFB took a ride out to Bird In Hard, PA to attend the 6th annual MFB Client Event.  This was the largest crowd we ever had! Our day started with a tasty buffet lunch … Read More

Expanding the Team, Keeping the Vision

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The journey: I am a planner by profession, which is the way God wired me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds of people with their plans over the past 17 years. I have asked many of our clients, “If you pull out of our driveway and get run over by a dump truck, how will this … Read More

A Green Hard Hat

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We met a young man one day, a seminarian with a young family.  He took a position in an area warehouse that would let him work overnight in order to attend his classes during the day.  While he wasn’t too thrilled with this arrangement, he knew it was a blessing to be able to study and support his family at … Read More

Time Management – A Modern Parable

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I found this modern parable as I was preparing to teach an adult Sunday School class and hope you find it profitable. – Doug Floro, CFP® ____________________ One day, an expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students will never forget. As he stood in … Read More