The Sixth Annual MFB Client Event

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On a beautiful Saturday morning in early November with crystal clear blue skies and the fall foliage at its peak, 77 friends, family and staff from MFB took a ride out to Bird In Hard, PA to attend the 6th annual MFB Client Event.  This was the largest crowd we ever had! Our day started with a tasty buffet lunch … Read More

Expanding the Team, Keeping the Vision

Nicole FloroMFB Wealth Management Updates

The journey: I am a planner by profession, which is the way God wired me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds of people with their plans over the past 17 years. I have asked many of our clients, “If you pull out of our driveway and get run over by a dump truck, how will this … Read More

A Green Hard Hat

MaryGrace HolcombLife

We met a young man one day, a seminarian with a young family.  He took a position in an area warehouse that would let him work overnight in order to attend his classes during the day.  While he wasn’t too thrilled with this arrangement, he knew it was a blessing to be able to study and support his family at … Read More

Time Management – A Modern Parable

MaryGrace HolcombLife

I found this modern parable as I was preparing to teach an adult Sunday School class and hope you find it profitable. – Doug Floro, CFP® ____________________ One day, an expert in time management was speaking to a group of business students and, to drive home a point, used an illustration those students will never forget. As he stood in … Read More

The Shortest Distance

Doug FloroRetirement Planning

“The shortest distance between two points is a straight line.” This saying is common knowledge and common sense, yet we also know that most things in life are not a straight line. For example, getting from point A to point B “as the crow flies” is a straight line because crows know the shortest distance between two points is a straight … Read More

Tax Season Phone Scams

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Beware of crooks calling you up & claiming to be the IRS Every year, con artists posing as the Internal Revenue Service perpetrate scams on taxpayers. Their weapon is a telephone, and they use it to leave thousands of households poorer. These gambits can seem very convincing, but you need not fall prey to them if you are informed. The … Read More

What about ME?

MaryGrace HolcombLife

Recently, at one of my bible studies, we were talking about Jairus, a synagogue leader who came to Jesus asking for Him to heal his dying 12-year-old daughter. Jesus agreed to go with him to his house, but they had difficulty getting there. There was a crowd of people all around and moving through was tight. Then a woman, who … Read More

Doug Floro Featured on The Balanced Life Radio Show

MFB Wealth ManagementMFB Wealth Management Updates

Learn more about MFB Wealth Management Doug Floro was featured on the radio show “The Balanced Life” which aired in Pennsylvania on WFYL 1180AM as well as streaming online at Press the play button below to listen to the show to learn more about MFB Wealth Management.  

Retire at 65 … Or Not?

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Your assets matter more than your age. Isn’t 65 the traditional retirement age? Perhaps, but baby boomers are modifying the definition of a traditional retirement (if not redefining it altogether). The Social Security Administration has subtly revised its definition of the traditional retirement age as well. If you glance at the SSA website, the “full” retirement age for Americans born … Read More