Update from the Admin

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When we look back at past issues of our newsletter, it is clear that people enjoy reading this article.  But in these uncertain times, I have struggled with what to write. We enjoy spending time with all of you and we know many of you look forward to our events and have the date saved for months.  We are unsure … Read More

Expanding the Team, Keeping the Vision

Nicole FloroMFB Wealth Management Updates

The journey: I am a planner by profession, which is the way God wired me. I have been blessed with the opportunity to help hundreds of people with their plans over the past 17 years. I have asked many of our clients, “If you pull out of our driveway and get run over by a dump truck, how will this … Read More

Doug Floro Featured on The Balanced Life Radio Show

MFB Wealth ManagementMFB Wealth Management Updates

Learn more about MFB Wealth Management Doug Floro was featured on the radio show “The Balanced Life” which aired in Pennsylvania on WFYL 1180AM as well as streaming online at 1180WFYL.com. Press the play button below to listen to the show to learn more about MFB Wealth Management.