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Let’s talk about staying invested, corporate bankruptcies, and Tesla taking over the auto industry.  Here we go:

There is Always a Reason to Sell – A great chart that shows us there is always a seemingly logical reason to sell.  Recent headlines may make us think, “we should take some gains off the table,” or “we should wait until things settle down.”  Before we give in to our instincts, let’s revisit your long-term plan.

Hertz Goes Bankrupt, Then Issues a Billion in New Stock – If you ever need an example of what it means to be a speculator vs. a long-term investor, here you go.

Tesla Takes the Crown – In addition to his car company becoming the most valuable automaker, Elon Musk is now officially launching spaceships.   Maybe one day I will be explaining to my kids that taking a trip to the moon was a pretty big deal.

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